The Kraken’s Quest


Karl has drawn his own rendering, from memory, of the suspicious figure he encountered at the festival.

Hello all! Daisy the Dragon here.

As Karl hasn’t written anything for the blog for about a week, I felt it necessary to give you a brief update on what’s been going on at the bookstore and an explanation for why Karl may not be writing to you directly for a little while.

It all started after the festival, when I noticed that Karl was acting rather nervous and could not sit still. He was constantly pulling books off the shelves, paging through them without reading and setting them back. That was not at all like him, for usually once he has opened a book he cannot set it down until he has read it fully and thoroughly and written a lengthy review of it for this blog.

“Karl, whatever could be the matter?” I asked him.

He sighed. “My dear dragon,” he said, “I have been in a state of great agitation since festival day. You recall the strange person I encountered hovering about Winston Square Park?”

“The one wearing the red-striped shirt and cap?” I asked.

“The very same. The one who claimed his name was Waldo, though I suspect that may have been an alias. You see, I was not able on the day to figure out his motives, for he was highly secretive and unwilling to disclose either his identity or his true purpose in attending the festival. For I suspect that, unlike the majority of our attendees, he did not merely wish to witness the gathering of eminent litterateurs and devoted readers. Nay, dear dragon, I am quite sure he had some sinister intention that may yet bring about the downfall of this great institution of Bookmarks.”

“How can you be sure that his intentions were so sinister?” I asked. “Could it not be that he simply takes pleasure in hiding and being found, just as you take pleasure in plumbing the depths of the aquatic literary canon? It is, admittedly, an odd occupation, but that does not mean that you should exclude the possibility from your consideration.”

“You are right, I suppose,” he said. “It is just possible that the fellow had no secret mission, but was merely there to entertain young readers, as he said. Nevertheless, I shall be unable to rest until I know that no ill can come to our organization from my having let him escape my watch.”

“Then what are you waiting around here for?” I exclaimed. “Any literary creature knows that the thing to do when confronted with a sinister threat is to embark on a quest!”

“A quest!” Karl repeated. “But what good would that do?”

“What good would a quest do? Haven’t you ever read a book of fantasy? Why, a quest can help you to save your home from imminent destruction (if destruction is indeed imminent) or to discover long-forgotten secrets of your own identity. A quest can introduce you to fantastical realms where you will meet interesting characters both human and bestial. Karl, I can sense even now that you are called to go on a quest by mystical forces beyond even a dragon’s understanding. It is your destiny!”

Karl seemed quite taken aback, but his apprehension soon gave way to excitement.

“Why yes, a quest is just what  is needed!” he said. “But where should I go?”

“Did this Waldo person give you any indication where he came from?” I asked.

“Indeed, he did say that he came from a beloved book series, though I was unwilling to believe he spoke at the time.”

“Then you must travel through the all the imaginary worlds of books! You know that any good novel provides a map of its world in its front cover, so you will not have to wander without directions. You must scour every corner of every literary land you can find for that mysterious striped-shirted figure.”

Karl resolved to depart without delay. He quickly gathered together a parcel of his most essential belongings, including his tentacle shampoo and barnacle remover, several of his favorite novels, and seashell souvenirs from his ancestral kraken cove.

“Be sure to write me letters, so that I can tell your blog’s devoted readers what you’re doing,” I told him. “Be brave and venture boldly, my dear kraken, and may you swiftly reach your goal!”

And so he left, promising that he would send me updates on his travels as often as he could. I assure you, readers, that I will post his letters as soon as they arrive.

Let us all hope that he will soon find the mysterious Waldo and discover his true intentions.

Until next time, my lovely readers,

Yours truly,

Daisy the Dragon


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